Horizons - Atlanta Tech

“I’m sorry Mrs. Jackson … ”


“I am for real!!!”

The excitement of the rising fourth graders to sing along to Outkast on a break from their music class at Horizons Atlanta Technical College this week was only matched by their enthusiasm for the other song they were practicing.

This one was homemade, but to a familiar tune.

“Summer learning at Coke, Horizons A-T-C … ,” they earlier were singing to the end of “I’d like to buy the world a Coke." 

This version, and the music video that goes with it, is a project that the entire group of participants at the ATC site will present to their largest sponsor, The Coca-Cola Company, as they wrap up the summer program.

“We’re trying to represent because Coke has sent a lot of Coke products for us to drink and have nutrition in our body,” said Douglas, 8, a rising 4th grader.

Sharron McIntyre, who has been the ATC site director for the past five years, said they typically write letters to say thanks.

“I told them I wanted to do something different,” she said.

 So, while one room full of kids were practicing the lyrics another room was practicing the dances to prepare for the video shoot.

Music teacher Michelle Gibson laced her hands together to show the group of rising 4th graders what teamwork looks like. 

“What does harmony look like?” she asked her singers. “That means everything is working together. 

Throughout the week they were planning to shoot the video around the ATC campus at all of the participants’ favorite spots – the playground, the picnic tables and the lobby’s large staircase.

“We’re hoping Coke can use this,” said Gibson, who teaches music at Chamblee Middle School during the year and for Horizons during the summer.