Current Sponsors

These generous donors have committed to funding 100% of one scholar's summer experience with a donation of $2,500 or more, helping us reach our goal of 100% of scholars reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade, graduating high school, receiving higher education, and competing in the global economy because we believe that 100% of scholars matter. 

Thank you to our 100% Club Members!

Yolanda and Lee Adrean
Lisa and Peter Aman
Angel and David Anbari
Mike and Andreane Anderson
Sarah and Lamar Anderson
Anonymous (3)
Paul and Leanne Barton
Brenda Bell
Scott Bernstein and Melissa Knowles
Betsy and Roger Birkholz

Tori and Erik Bjerke
Jim and Sarah Borders
Patricia and Rafael Bras
John and Mary Brock
David and Kris Brown
Andrew and Linda Bruner
Mark and Heather Buffington
Tiffany and Joe Burns
Drs. Ángel and Elizabeth Fraser Cabrera
Karen and David Calhoun
Drs. James and Mistalene Calleroz White
Ron Carmichael
Pete and Ada Lee Correll
Stacy and Jim Cullinan
David Dase and Jacqueline Flake
Lucian and Josephine Dillingham
Rachel Dinerman

Walt Ehmer
Natalie and Tom Epperson
Frank and Karen Fallon
Dave Fedewa and Christy Leschaloupe
Jeff and Twyla Fendler

Christian and Anke Fischer
Beth Garrett
Tom and Sandy Gay
Tricia and Matt Gephardt

Kevin and Stefani Glass
Christina Graham and Jeremy Deitzer
Alexis and Michael Hambrick
Jim and Susan Hannan
Kenneth and Kathryn Henderson
Parker and Cheryl Hix
Kristy Jordan in honor of John and Mary Brock
Nancy and Les Juneau
Jim Kieffer
Pam and Dwaine Kimmet
Marianne and Richard Kipper
Aron Levine
David and Diana Mack 
Gunnar and Tonya Olson
Jason and Kerry Owen
John and Kay Parker
Todd Pawloski
Bud and Val Peterson

Dave Peterson
Jim and Christina Price
Kim Reddy
Ashley and George Reinhardt
Jim and Stacy Scott
Esat and Bengu Sezer
Mark and Meredith Shaughnessy
Steven and Michelle Shlansky

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith
Lucy Soto and Stephen Macauley
Jan and Lever Stewart
Michael Stewart and Melisa Rathburn-Stewart
Michael Stimpert
Dave Stockert and Cammie Ives
Russell Stokes
Dr. James Stubb and Ms. Joanne Sullivan
Autumn Terry in honor of Joan Terry
Al and Melba Trujillo
Fidel Turner

Steven and Cheryl Vicinanza
Terri and Kevin Wade
Alex Wan
Bob Watts
Louise and Tom Wells
Richard and Jodi Williams
John and Ellen Yates