Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a member of the 100% Club Scholar Sponsorship Program carries the satisfaction of knowing that you are directly impacting the life of a child in need. You participate in the journey our scholars travel as they master academic content, learn to swim, explore college and career options, and, most importantly, discover their place in our community. Because you are matched to a specific scholar, you will receive updates throughout the year about your child and their experiences and have an opportunity to send them letters, volunteer as a Mystery Reader with their program during the summer, and more. With continuous support, summer after summer, your sponsorship will provide a Horizons Atlanta scholar with the the tools they need to thrive. 

Horizons Atlanta is at a new juncture in our history. Our goal for the future is to expand our reach to more students and communities across metro Atlanta. To do so, we need to grow our network of committed donors. Our hope is to increase the number of scholars we serve and to continue our support of each Horizons Atlanta scholar through the 8th grade and beyond. We intend to work diligently to fulfill the promise of summer for Horizons Atlanta’s current scholars and those yet to come. We hope that you join us.

How do I write to my scholar?

Our scholars want to hear from you! We recommend no more than one letter a quarter. The best way to make sure your scholar receives their correspondence is to:

  • Send physical letters to our main Horizons Atlanta office (include the name of your scholar and their program in the address block) so we can distribute to the appropriate program/child
  • Send email communication to and our program directors will forward to your scholar’s family

We understand that it can be tough to get ball rolling and know what to write about. That’s why we have included letter writing tips as a resource, along with an “All About Me” sheet on your scholar.

Can I give my scholar gifts?

Unfortunately, sending gifts or additional support to individual scholars can pose a challenge. If you would like to compliment the generous gift you are already making through your sponsorship and letter writing, please consider:

  • Purchasing much-needed program supplies from our wishlist
  • Sponsoring some or all of the cost for a celebration or field trip for your scholar’s class or program
  • Sending smaller gifts to each scholar in your child’s class. Note: A typical Horizons Atlanta class is 15 scholars

Can I visit my scholars?

Our 100% Club members do so much for scholars, and we encourage all of our donors to come and see the work we do in person! Visiting our summer learning programs is a fun, rewarding experience, and a wonderful opportunity to create a special relationship between you and your sponsored scholar. As a sponsor, you will automatically receive invitations to:

  • Participate in a Visitor’s Day event, which includes a tour, classroom observation, and opportunities for scholar interaction
  • Volunteer as a Mystery Reader (typically to younger Horizons classrooms, so please keep that in mind if sponsoring a middle grades scholar)

Each Horizons Atlanta program is unique and coordinates its own special programming throughout the year. Sponsors may also be invited to attend holiday parties, reunions, swim meets, field trips, end of summer celebrations, and more!

How do you protect the scholars?

At Horizons Atlanta, we take seriously our duty to protect the privacy and ensure the safety of the students and families we serve. As a 100% Club member, you will have access to photographs of your sponsored scholar. We ask that you please NOT share the photograph of your scholar on social media, or share identifying information about your scholar to a public audience. This includes any combination of details such as first name, school or program name, age, or neighborhood that might identify the scholar.

Horizons Atlanta will also facilitate exchanges between you and your sponsored scholar through visits and correspondence. We ask that sponsors never provide any personal contact information directly to scholars or accept this information from them without prior written permission from their parent/guardian. This helps us provide a safe and positive sponsorship experience for you and your scholar.

Who should I contact with any other questions?

Please direct all inquiries to

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