Families & Communities

Horizons programs help create stable individuals and families by "educating the whole child” and making long-term commitments to the well-being of both scholars and their families. Horizons programs recognize that achieving healthy adulthood is not a short-term endeavor and that one- or two-year interventions will not be effective for most children. By engaging our scholars at a very young age, making a commitment to them for the duration of their pre-college education, and providing a support system that substantially supplements what their families are able to do, we position children to become adults who thrive.

Horizons programs also recognize that active family participation and buy-in are important to a child’s growth. Program staff form close relationships with Horizons families such that Horizons staff are sometimes the first call parents make in times of crisis. Furthermore, we emphasize our commitment to the whole family by prioritizing sibling enrollment whenever possible during the admissions process. 

Horizons programs redefine the life trajectory of scholar participants and make an indelible impact on every Horizons stakeholder - teachers, site directors, parents, board members, volunteers, and members of their communities.