Horizons Atlanta Program Sites

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Atlanta International School | Founded in 2016
Horizons Atlanta at Atlanta International School (AIS) launched in 2016 with 41 scholars and will serve 135 at full enrollment. The AIS program fosters and celebrates the diversity of Horizons scholars through a blend of academic, social and emotional learning, cultural and enrichment activities, and physical fitness and health. The emphasis on international context and language learning at AIS plays a critical role in the design of the curriculum and program. The site partners with neighboring Garden Hills Elementary.

Atlanta Technical College | Founded in 2013
Horizons Atlanta at Atlanta Technical College (ATC) launched in 2013 with 15 scholars and will serve 135 at full enrollment. Their career-focused theme transforms the traditional classroom into a mini community and gives scholars a first-hand understanding of how various occupations impact their neighborhoods. The ATC program is home to a challenging, fun curriculum of daily applications in math, reading, writing, and science to build confidence and reduce summer learning loss. Scholars also participate in piano and drama classes, swimming lessons at the local YMCA, and exciting field trips to raise their self-esteem and aspirations and create a vision for success. 

Clark Atlanta University | Founded in 2013
Horizons Atlanta at Clark Atlanta University (CAU) launched in 2013 with 15 scholars and will serve 135 at full enrollment. CAU's program theme, "The Journey," takes each young scholar on a six-week learning adventure of academic achievement, cultural and social enrichment, swimming, and global awareness. Scholars compare and contrast key land and cultural components of Africa, Europe, North America and South America, and explore real-world social issues. Access to CAU's campus, faculty, and students builds a desire in the scholars to continue their education. Guest presentations from Atlanta's business, civic, and educational influencers expose scholars to various career paths. Weekly study trips to museums, libraries, and landmarks create a real-life connection to the concepts and skills being taught.

The Galloway School | Founded in 2020
Horizons Atlanta at The Galloway School (TGS) will launch in 2021 with 15 rising 1st grade scholars and 15 rising 2nd graders. Located near Chastain Park, Horizons Atlanta at TGS will recruit and serve scholars from neighboring Scott Elementary. We are very excited to welcome TGS as our 10th site in the region!

Georgia State University | Founded in 2015
Horizons Atlanta at Georgia State University (GSU) launched in 2015 with 15 rising 1st grade scholars and will serve 135 elementary and middle schoolers at full enrollment. The site's theme of "The Three E's - Environment, Education, Economics" is supported by rigorous academics, experiential learning activities, gardening and exposure to the arts. Horizons Atlanta at GSU supports the out-of-school needs of the Edgewood and Mechanicsville communities. Access to GSU staff, faculty, and students builds a desire in Horizons scholars to attend college and excel in life.

Georgia Tech | Founded in 2013
Horizons Atlanta at Georgia Tech (GT) launched in 2013 with 36 scholars and currently serves 195 rising 1st through 9th graders. The site began high school programming in school year 2017-2018 to help prepare Horizons scholars for entry into post-secondary educational institutions. This Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) focused program partners with Centennial Academy, Hollis Innovation Academy, and Drew Charter School. Scholars learn to code and conduct hands-on STEAM experiments weekly. Scholars have access to Georgia Tech staff, faculty and students through lab visits and guest speakers. Robust school-year programming includes an after school program with homework assistance, hands-on STEAM experiments, and life skills training. The program also hosts family engagement events throughout the school year.

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School | Founded in 1999
Horizons Atlanta at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School (HIES) launched in 1999 as our region's first program. Currently, Horizons Atlanta at HIES serves 135 rising 1st through 9th grade public school students through a Global Academy model, preparing our scholars to become global learners, thinkers, feelers, and doers. The curriculum is inspired by both the International Baccalaureate program and HlES's Program for Global Citizenship, and it empowers scholars to take action as active global citizens. Citizen projects allow each grade level to make a difference through community outreach initiatives.

Kennesaw State University (Paulding) | Founded in 2015
Launched in 2015, Horizons Atlanta at Kennesaw State University (KSU) will serve 135 rising 1st through 9th grade Paulding County students at full enrollment. Horizons scholars benefit from a strong partnership with KSU's Bagwell School of Education that provides additional individual and small group instruction from college students majoring in Early Childhood Education. The rigorous, STEM-centered curriculum is also supported by KSU's Instructional Technology and Community Engagement Departments. Community organizations such as Certain Strokes, The Dallas Theater, and Roundtree Recreational Center provide artistic and cultural enrichment for this program. Weekly field trips and swimming lessons three times per week round out the educational components and build scholars’ confidence and self-esteem.

Purpose Built Schools Atlanta | Founded in 2017
ln 2017, Horizons Atlanta with Purpose Built Schools (PBS) launched with 45 scholars to address the summer learning needs of Thomasville Heights and Slater Elementary Schools in southeast Atlanta. Since then, the program has grown to serve 210 rising 1st through 6th grade students. Horizons scholars benefit from a challenging, fun curriculum with an emphasis on building Social Emotional Learning skills. PBS is a locally-based nonprofit committed to breaking the cycle of poverty through community partnerships to support high-performing schools and organizations.

Woodward Academy | Founded in 2012
Horizons Atlanta at Woodward Academy (WA) launched in 2012 with 12 scholars and will serve 135 rising 1st through 9th graders at full enrollment. This site emphasizes project-based learning with an intentional focus on building scholars’ character, in addition to academic and personal confidence. Collaborative support from teachers, volunteers, families and WA community partners strengthens the program. Woodward Upper School students and senior leadership actively engage with Horizons scholars as volunteers. In addition to academics, field trips, and daily swimming lessons, scholars produce and star in an End of Summer Showcase performance that wonderfully celebrates their achievements.

Regional Office
In addition to our program sites, our Horizons Atlanta regional office serves to accelerate the growth of Horizons programs across Atlanta, provide programmatic connections and professional development opportunities, and enhance operational efficiencies by serving multiple Horizons programs within one geographic area. Our regional team is led by Alex Wan, Executive Director.