Student Outcomes

Horizons has a long history of program evaluation, including three studies out of Yale University. Over each six-week summer session, students of Horizons Atlanta summer programs show consistent gains in reading and math of 2-3 months, as measured by pre-post standardized assessments. Furthermore, when you consider the opportunity-cost of underserved students who would have experienced summer learning loss without our programs, Horizons students fare 5-6 months better than other youth in their demographic--not just reversing “summer slide” but instead sending children back to school ahead of where they were in May.

In addition, evaluations consistently find that over one six-week summer session Horizons students: improve social skills; improve self-confidence and motivation; have greater willingness to try new things; improve school-year attendance; develop greater interest in nutrition; learn to swim and; have high satisfaction with the program.

In 2016, Horizons Atlanta students

  • Gained 2.2 months of growth in Reading
  • Gained 2.9 months of growth in Math
  • Celebrated a 94% average daily attendance
  • Were retained 87% of the time


  • 99% of students in Horizons high school programs across the country graduate on time
  • 94% attend post-secondary training

Because our regional network of programs is still growing organically, one grade level at a time, we do not yet have a regional high school graduation rate to report. We will begin tracking this data as our pilot high school program at Horizons at Georgia Tech reaches maturity over the next several years.