Horizons - Clark Atlanta

Question. Investigate. Examine. Do Something! 

This is the Rebecca Dashiell-Mitchell model of learning that the participants in Horizons Clark Atlanta University are taught each summer.

From the rising kindergartners to the rising fourth graders, this is the core of the program led by Dashiell-Mitchell, a retired Atlanta Public Schools principal that serves as the site director for Horizons at CAU.

“We were able to come in and create the learning environment, and make it happen,” Dashiell-Mitchell said of the creation of Horizon’s CAU program that started with 15 participants under her direction in 2013.

The summer program participants learn about places around the world like Europe, Africa and Asia, but also learn about the needs of their own community.

“We are local citizens and global citizens,” Dashiell-Mitchell said.

With this philosophy, rising third graders like Victoria, 9, embrace this learning model to create solutions to some of the community’s most critical problems, like homelessness.

Victoria wants to start a program to support the homeless that uses vans to drive around Atlanta and pick up homeless people to drive to and directly connect them with services.

Shoes. Socks. Backpacks.

These are things Victoria knows homeless people need, and through her experiences at Horizons CAU, she want to help.

“Homeless people walk a lot,” she said. “We will help them by providing them care packages, shelter and inspiration.”

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